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Getting HES Code

What is Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) code, how to get it? How will the flight and train travel be with the HES code?

Getting HES Code
In Turkey, 'Hayat Eve Sığar' will be taken through the application of the travel period begins with HES code.

What is Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) code, how to get it? How will the flight and train travel be with the HES code?

We are moving to this practice primarily between cities. You will be able to travel by plane and train using the code you will receive.

All passengers will try to ensure the highest level of security. HES codes will consist of individual codes. It will not be fixed like the TC identification number. A different HES code can be created each time it is shared. In the coming days, the widespread application of the mobile application and HES code will make our life easier. It will be provided by the relevant travel company and measures will be taken. If a virus is detected to a passenger, the persons he / she contacted during the journey will be followed. HES code can be obtained from Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application.

The Ministry of Health announced the new system they developed for transportation, as transportation restrictions gradually disappeared and we started to enter the normalization process. HES codes offered within the scope of Hayat Eve Sığar project are now a must for domestic travel.

What is the HES code? How to take it?

HES, which has the Hayat Eve Sığar expansion, expresses the 10 or 12 digit code that you should use during the booking and ticketing process for domestic travel. On your domestic trips, you need to obtain this code and enter it in the process of purchasing flight tickets (and maybe later bus tickets). You can access these codes, which are documented to show that the passengers are not sick or in contact, have no risk, in three different ways.

1. Text message - via SMS:
HES (space) TC ID Number (space) Write the last 4 digits of your ID card (space) the number of days you want the code to be valid ”and send an SMS to 2023.

For example:

- Your sample TC ID number 12345678901
- Serial number on the front of the sample ID card xxxxxxx1234
- If the sample flight is 20 days from today, the text message to be sent to 2023 will be “HES 12345678901 1234 20”. The system will send you your HES code that will be valid for 20 days, and you can enter it in the relevant field.

You must do this separately for each passenger for whom you will buy a ticket.

2. Through Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) Mobile Application:
Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application, which you can download from AppStore for iPhone and Google Play for Android devices, is one of the places you can use to get the code. After downloading the mobile application and logging in, you can easily access your HES code.

Click to download the HES application from the AppStore.
Click to download HES application from Google Play.

3. Via e-government:
After logging into your e-government account, you can get your HES code from the relevant field.

Things to know about HES code

The HES code is designed for all passengers to travel safely. While the use of this system, which will be valid for plane and train journeys, is mandatory for domestic and adult passengers in domestic travel, baby passengers under 2 years of age do not need to have a code. In addition, international flights and Cyprus flights are excluded from this system.

The codes valid on all domestic flights are checked 24 hours before the flight. When getting codes covering a certain number of days, you need to choose flight days carefully. If your code has expired, your reservations are not confirmed.
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